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Thankfully, solutions like SafteyCam can make all the difference when it comes to preserving your civil freedoms. And the truth about what happened during any undesired or unexpected contact will always be given.

This very durable, lightweight, and portable body camera captures photographs and videos in picture-perfect 1080HD resolution, ensuring crystal clear visibility.

There’s also no need to worry about forgetting to turn on the camera because SafetyCam has a unique auto-motion detecting technology. In other words, it begins recording whenever something or someone gets close to you.

You no longer need to use your phone to record; instead, you may use your phone to call for help while automatically recording any incident.

SafetyCam is not only incredibly durable, but it’s also waterproof and shockproof, making it suitable for use in a variety of harsh environments.

It has superior 6X Zoom IR Night Vision lenses, which are ideal for clear nighttime recording. And it allows you to capture 3-hours of HD video and 7 hours of properly tuned audio.

Millennials, demonstrators, college students, and parents of young children all believe that using SafetyCam makes them feel safer. And feel the same sense of security that drivers who utilize dash cams do. One SafetyCam user explained, “It basically saves you the headache and annoyance of competing explanations when something horrible happens.” It’s simple to upgrade your personal surveillance! When you order one SafetyCam today, you’ll get a 50% discount on a second SafetyCam.


Users say, “Because Today, You Never Know!” Hear Mark & Connor’s recent REAL LIFE story.

As the protests spread across the country, private armed militias were formed, believing it was their responsibility to violently fight protestors in various sections of the country.

Furthermore, the strange entrance of “Federal Officers” exacerbated the raging fires between law enforcement, armed militias, and demonstrators. These “Officers,” who lacked official identification, seized protestors and placed them in unmarked vans before driving away to unknown locations.

Consider how terrifying such an experience would be. Even state and municipal officials had no idea who the “Federal Officers” claimed to be. And for Portland residents Mark Pettibone and his friend Conner O’Shea, this became an all-too-real experience that they would have to endure in mid-July of 2020.
While the two have been known to attend peaceful protests on a regular basis, they have never participated in or inspired any violent or unlawful activity. None of this, however, stopped the horrible meeting that followed.

Returning home following a night of protests around a block from Chapman Square, Mark and Conner were approached by another group of protestors who informed them of a camouflaged mystery group traveling around the neighborhood in unmarked vehicles, removing people from the streets and placing them in their custody.

Several videos from SafetyCam users eventually surfaced online, showing “officers” removing people from Portland streets who were nowhere near federal property. According to sources, these “officers” apprehended people without providing an explanation as to why they were being detained.

Conner and Mark didn’t get more than a block after leaving the group that had warned them before being confronted by the same undercover federal law enforcement “officers” they’d just heard about.


Five officers emerged from an unmarked minivan that aggressively drew up in front of them before either of them knew what to do.

Conner bolted from the area, narrowly escaping being pursued by a second unmarked van. Conner’s SafetyCam film was hidden out of sight, and it confirmed what Conner hastily narrated: “Feds are driving around, pulling people off the streets,” O’Shea remarked on video. “I didn’t make a single f#$king mistake.” I’m glad I’m filming this because I need to inform people about what’s going on.”

Conner’s friend Mark, on the other hand, was not so fortunate and was captured by the “officers.”

“I was literally shoved into the van, with a beanie put over my face so I couldn’t see, and they kept my hands over my head,” Mark told reporters.

Mark said he was kidnapped and driven about downtown before being unloaded at a building in an unmarked minivan full of armed guys dressed in camouflage and body armor who refused to identify themselves.

“They patted me down, took my picture, and went through my possessions,” Mark explained.

Two “officers” came in to read him his Miranda rights after he was placed in a cell, but they still didn’t tell him why he was being arrested.

The “officers” offered him the opportunity to forgo his rights and answer some questions, but Mark declined, stating that he needed to consult with a lawyer.

The interview was abruptly ended, and Mark was freed around 90 minutes later. He didn’t get any documentation, a citation, or a copy of his arrest record.

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