Introducing the Owly® Light Bulb Security Camera – The Most Advanced Camera on the Market

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You’ve heard about the Owly® Smart Light Bulb Camera, but you might be wondering what this new technology can actually do. The answer? A lot! With the Owly Smart Light Bulb Security Camera, you can see and hear everything that happens in your home when you’re not there, right from your mobile phone. It’s like having a pair of eyes and ears in every room of your house, making it easier than ever to keep tabs on everything that goes on while you’re away or asleep.

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Unobtrusive Design

Owly® Light Bulb Cameras are the first light bulb security cameras on the market. They are small, discreet, and leave no trace of themselves behind. With a clear, unobtrusive design, these cameras can monitor anything from your front door to your baby’s nursery without distracting from their surroundings. And with a 1080p HD camera and night vision capabilities, you can always know what’s going on in any room of your home or office.
Owly® Light Bulb Cameras also have motion-activated recording abilities and alerts that can send you real time notifications when they detect movement in a designated area.
And last but not least, this camera is Wi-Fi enabled so you can check in live at any time from anywhere around the world!

Easy To Set Up

You don’t need any special tools to set up your Owly light bulb security camera. Simply screw in your light bulb, and then download and open the free app from Google Play or the App Store. Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app, simply follow our easy steps for setting up your camera. That’s it! Your new Owly light bulb security camera is now live, so you can start monitoring what’s happening in your home anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re at work, out of town, or even on vacation – all you need is an internet connection. Not only does the Owly light bulb security camera offer high-definition footage with a night vision range of 20 feet, but it also includes 360-degree rotation as well as remote control access through its wireless setup. And best of all? Our six-month warranty ensures that this revolutionary device will be fixed without hassle should anything go wrong while still protecting your privacy by not including audio capabilities.

Cloud Storage

Owly cameras require no monthly cloud storage to operate and are totally wireless. Whether you’re looking for a motion-activated camera, live stream, or continuous recording, the Owly light bulb camera is the perfect solution. A light bulb with a camera can be installed in any room of your house without hassle and with total convenience. You’ll never have to worry about charging your batteries again! With an Owly light bulb security camera, you can always check in when you need to; just type owlycam into your browser and access it from any device.

Night Vision & Two-Way Audio

Bulb Night Camera Vision & Two-Way Audio
Owly® light bulb cameras are the perfect option for those looking to keep a close eye on their house while they are away. With a built-in night vision camera that offers crystal clear images and two-way audio, it is as if you were in your home at any time of day or night.
Our newest addition, the Owly® Light Bulb security camera is designed with you in mind. As an alternative to traditional surveillance systems, these tiny hidden cameras can be used inside and outside homes and businesses alike. These light bulb cams offer both a traditional bullet style cam as well as an omnidirectional style cam so you can choose the right option for your needs. If you’re not sure which type will suit your needs best then don’t worry! Check out our blog post detailing some of the key features of our light bulb camera line up and let us help you find the right fit!
Continuation (four+ sentences using the words: Owly® Light Bulb Cameras): If there is one thing we know about most people, it’s that they want to feel secure in their homes and know what’s going on around them.

Live View Anywhere

Owly® Light Bulb Cameras
Owly® is a patented, wireless security camera that you can use anywhere in your home. Its design and features are unlike any other product available on the market. With its sleek and subtle design, this light bulb will blend into your lighting fixtures without distracting from your decor. It also offers a remote viewing option so you can monitor your home from anywhere with an internet connection.
The Owly Smart Home Security System is also customizable to fit your needs with various packages to suit just about anyone’s budget or needs for their home. You can choose between a 2, 4 or 8 camera system with either standard 720p HD resolution or 1080p Full HD resolution for crystal clear images of what is going on at all times inside and outside of your house.

Motion Sensors (Not Included)

Owly® Light Bulb Cameras

Owly light bulb security cameras are designed to be used with any standard light bulb fixture in your home. Motion sensors (not included) will capture video footage of any movement detected by the camera, and store it for you to review at a later time. Owly has also partnered with RingTM to make this experience even more seamless. When you install an Owly light bulb security camera, your Ring device will sync up so that when motion is detected by your camera, it will send an alert to your phone. With features like these, it’s easy to see why Owly is the most advanced security camera available.

Wide Field of View

Owly’s Wide Field of View and night vision capabilities, combined with its compatibility with any standard light bulb socket make it the most advanced security camera on the market. Its versatility makes it perfect for use in any space. You can place your light bulb anywhere and know you will always have high quality surveillance protection. And, because it is a light bulb camera, you won’t need to worry about having to hide cables and cords or store a bulky camera that takes up space. Owly is truly one of a kind.

Takes Amazing Video, Too!

Owly, the inventors of smart light bulbs, has now taken security to a new level with their innovative light bulb camera. Not only does this camera take amazing video, but it is also the most advanced security camera on the market. With its infrared sensor, motion detection system and night vision capabilities, you can be sure that your home or office will be safe from intruders and dangers. Plus, this high-tech device is set up in minutes by simply screwing in an Owly Smart Light Bulb into your existing socket and connecting to your Wi-Fi network.
*It’s never been easier to stay connected with friends and family while protecting what matters most.*

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